Personal & Online Training

Angelo is leveraging 15+ years of educated, tested and proven experience to hand select the best practices and products for sustaining a healthy, strong and ageless body.

 His services are geared towards establishing the easiest to follow habits and routines to reach your goals.

Angelo’s focus is to create a Healthier, Sexier & Stronger YOU!


1. Personalized Daily Workouts: Smart & effective body toning workouts focused on goals and physical capabilities. (Programing templates, Video demonstrations sent to your phone.  Skype, phone & email support)

2. Hand Selected Product Lists: Ditch the toxic products that are sabotaging your health and progress.  Replace them with my hand selected healthy/organic options.

Angelo’s individualized client focused programs are designed to create the body you want along with the lifestyle to sustain it.  His training services consist of full body stretching, full body symmetrical muscle toning, core conditioning for dynamic body control, and working on target areas that are special to each individual client.

If you don’t live in NYC…

I Provide Online Training Programs.


Online training requires a 3 month commitment 

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