“Understanding the “why” behind the “what” provides competence and confidence in our lives. Instead of just being told what to do, we appreciate and benefit greatly from being told why we should do something a certain way. The wisdom and beauty of this book is because of the logical way Angelo Grinceri provides for us the why behind the what. Angelo does a masterful job of presenting the truths and principles of how our human body functions, and from those principles develops powerful strategies that provide the foundation for the abundant techniques (movements/exercises) presented. As a result, we develop ongoing competence and confidence in what we are doing and in our own abilities because we are empowered with the “why” behind the “what”.

Angelo presents his own personal journey through a season of training with artificial, isolated, non-functional exercises to now a life of authentic, integrated, and functional exercises that have transformed his body and, therefore, his life. Moving and feeling “like a lethargic uncoordinated moose”, Angelo realized he needed a dramatic change. As a result he dedicated himself to learning and understanding everything he possibly could about our miraculous and wonderful human body. Within that journey, which is ongoing for Angelo and for all of us, I had the privilege of getting to know Angelo as he studied Applied Functional Science® with us at Gray Institute®, ultimately becoming a Fellow of Applied Functional Science®. Not only did I grow to appreciate Angelo’s incredible mind full of knowledge, but appreciated even more so his heart and spirit full of passion. The success of this book is because of Angelo’s experience with his own body, his openness with his own mind, and his caring with his own spirit.

You will greatly appreciate Angelo’s “10 Commandments of Intrinsic Strength Training®.” They provide for us a comprehensive summary of the principles and strategies utilized to justify his full body, integrated, multidirectional approach to resistance training. Angelo presents a refreshing description of the body’s core, thus revealing that the core is everything from the nose to the toes and is influenced and developed through movements of the hands and feet simultaneously.

All the exercises presented in this book allow for improving our ability to move and control our body, and are logically categorized to facilitate building and training desired muscle groups. Each grouping of exercises includes real life examples of the integrated movements, further enhancing our understanding of the “why” behind the “what”. Each exercise is beautifully presented and illustrated with pictures, easy-to-follow descriptions, and a bonus section entitled “Angelo’s Advice.” There is nothing better than to benefit from the personal experience of someone who is successful in what he/she does.

You will thoroughly enjoy Angelo’s wonderful work of purpose and passion. You, too, will appreciate Angelo’s wisdom, recognize the transformation of his body, and become thankful for his sharing from the heart. Because of Angelo’s devotion and dedication, we all can experience this opportunity to “restore life to our entire body.” It is an honor for me to introduce Intrinsic Strength to you, as well as to consider Angelo a friend and mentor of mine.”

By Dr. Gary Gray, PT, FAFS

“Angelo’s unique approach to movement training has greatly improved my quality of life by eliminating my back pain while getting out of bed and driving. It has helped to strengthen my core and has increased my flexibility and stability. I feel that I am more confident and in control of my own body. My routine daily activities are easier with new full-body flexibility.”

– Steve Goldstein – Sales Rep

“I am a physical therapist in New York City. I have sent several of my clients to train with Angelo based upon his extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, his ability to safely train post-rehab patients and the powerful effects of his Intrinsic Strength Training® methodology. Angelo is one of the smartest, most dedicated trainers that I’ve have met in my time in NYC. Having trained with Angelo myself, I think you’re going to get fit, have fun and move better than you have in years.”

– Jeremy Baber – PT, CSCS

“Angelo is a trainer, teacher and life-changer. With his sophisticated but common-sense approach to wellness, you learn to listen to your body and build strength, flexibility and stability. He has taught me to move, think and feel better.”

– Jess Cagle – Editor

This book does not only give you great workouts, it also explains in very simple way why the movements are so functional and why many gym exercises like the bench press will make you stronger and bigger but won’t necessarily have a functional strength carry over. I have bought many training and fitness books in the past and you always have questions after trying out the exercises to ensure that you are doing them correctly. I have been disappointed on many occasions where the authors just ignore your emails but Angelo has been great at answering queries I have had on the book and being healthier in general. This to me is even more impressive than the book itself. One final point, Angelo has given me so much knowledge on training and healthy eating that the only disappointment I have is that I don’t live in New York because I would love to do some sessions with him one on one. In summary this is a great book that would benefit anyone at all fitness levels and it is written by a super guy.

– Gareth Gallagher

What an incredible resource to improve fitness and strength in the real world. He has mapped out how to become strong in active planes of movement.
As he writes, sitting down and working out on machines does not translate to being strong in everyday situations and movements. We see the results daily in the Parker Chiro Clinic and Chiropractic Program. I will be using this book in patient rehab as well as making sure that I am keeping myself injury resistant.
I highly recommend that you have this book in your library.

– Paul Britt – Physical Therapist

“Angelo’s excellent eye for detail and ability to create individualized exercises has diminished my severe back pain as well as improved core stability and overall daily life function. While avoiding workout pain, I was able to obtain my best body yet!”
– Rosalia Chann – Celebrity Trainer and Professional Dancer
“I couldn’t feel luckier to have found Angelo: he’s everything you could want in a trainer, for so many reasons it’s hard to list them all. but I’ve worked with trainers who don’t seem to understand (or care) how the body really works, and Angelo is the opposite… he is constantly pushing himself to learn more about the human body, both to increase his own expertise and to improve his work with his clients, and it’s a revelation. the proprietary exercises he’s developed as a result of his knowledge are amazing… I’ve seen huge differences in my posture and stance since I’ve started working with him, and of course look better than ever without a shirt on (not that it matters… but of course it matters). and the best part is that, though i had a ton of mobility and pain issues when i started working with Angelo, he was incredibly understanding with them, custom designed exercises around me to make sure nothing was getting aggravated, and I’ve seen them all improve (if not disappear) as a result. the icing on the cake: Angelo is an incredibly nice dude that practices what he preaches, is patient when you’re picking up new things, and genuinely wants his clients to succeed and improve. I couldn’t recommend him more highly, especially now that he cut his hair and doesn’t look like a lion anymore. Thanks, Angelo!”

– Andrew Peerless – Marketing

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